When You Were Mine

When you were mine,

we went to a dance and remained the night

until the glaring lights came on

in each other's arms.

When you were mine,

we talked on the phone until midnight

it was the closest thing to having you falling asleep

next to me.

When you were mine,

I'd drive you home

and you leapt in front of the car

because you didn't want me to go.

When you were mine,

I'd write you all the time

and you'd always reply

without questioning why.

When you were mine,

you told me I was yours

and I felt so beautiful,

so loved.

But the crossroads came and priorities pulled you away,

with me you said you'd stay

still, you picked others over me.

And you are no longer mine.

We go to dances and you're gone before the last song

I spend my time weeping

in a bathroom stall.

You haven't called in three months

to talk to me longer than twenty minutes

because you feel you need to.

I drive you home

and drive home alone

sobs drowned out by a blast radio.

I long to pen you a million notes

but I'm too afraid to smother you

too afraid to try.

You tell me I'm yours

but you aren't mine anymore

you'll never belong to me like you did before.

I'll never stop loving you

and you'll never stop breaking my heart

with memories of the time

when you were mine.

The End

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