The Broken House Of MisfitsMature

The Broken House Of Misfits

"I wonder how you say goodbye to someone forever?"

A house of misfits
began five long years ago,
We appeared in bits,
dribs and drabs over time

Originally five of us,
sometimes breaking
but mostly one

We were many,
rarely and unfixable problem or row,
until now .....

I've upset the apple cart
disappeared, found fault in what was so right
My puzzle piece is wrong,
fits no more

Everything feels false,
with them it's better but ...
how can I tell you this
I don't want to hurt you

I need to leave the pain
the anger and fear
This could be my year for change
My year for me

So I must leave
Never return to your clutches
Or I stifle myself
with false pretences and niceties

I deserve my new friends, need them
Even if I have to leave the old
I mean, It doesn't really matter
I was already out in the cold

 "Remember me and smile, for it's better to forget than to
remember me and cry" 

Dr Seuss

The End

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