When You Can No Longer Feel Your Lungs Heaving

Just something I wrote, trying to get to sleep and failing miserably. Damn nightmares.

The day I realized that monsters don't lurk under your bed, they live inside your head, I screamed. I screamed so hard my voice cracked, ran raw, and my fingernails left bloodied crescents on my palms, and I couldn't breathe, and I drove the monsters right out, until my eardrums sang, and split, until they came right back, and I screamed so much I lost track of time and my watch went haywire, and my throat trembled, and my hands clawed at my face, my wrists, my neck, my stomach, and they left long red gouges on my body, and I screamed so long I almost passed out, my vision flickering black around the edges, and I felt a little pinprick, a small red pearl of blood beading in the spot where they injected me with the sedative, and I screamed and screamed and screamed until I couldn't scream any more.

And when I woke, I was terrified.

The End

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