When We Were Young

I miss the days when we were young. 

And boundaries were nonexistent. 

The only thing that divided us

Was the sheer stretch of distance.

No ego, no pride, no envy, 

Just infinite, untethered affection.

When did we become the people we are; 

devoid of emotional connection? 

I miss the days when friends were friends, 

and their friendships had some meaning. 

A promise reflected one's honor

and backstabbing was plain demeaning. 

How did we get here, who are we now?

Do mirrors recognize our souls? 

Are our hearts strangers, no longer alike? 

When did we take up these roles? 

I can never look back and not sigh. 

At the days of glory when all was young, 

at the days that have waved goodbye. 

The End

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