When We Were Okay

I used to be close to my family members, back in the day I used to see them quite a lot
I remember snowy Pennsylvania rock landscapes and wonderful Ohio summers so hot
I remember walking through lush gardens and running through sprinklers for fun
I remember family meals and snacks so bountiful you could never eat and be done.

I remember tractor rides and playing in the woods and fields without any worries
I remember chasing falling red leaves as they fell to the black pavement in no hurry
I remember Christmas morning brunch and presents that you played with all day 
I remember leaving and being sad because all you really wanted to do was stay.

I remember watching a fountain with colored water as the sun sank into Lake Erie
I remember riding with my grandfather and a thermos of coffee, it makes me teary
I remember watching The Flintstones and eating popcorn with my grandmother at night
I remember searching for insects with my dad, we searched everywhere in sight.

But times change, after strokes, Alzheimer’s, cancer and the inevitable mental decline
Things aren’t so nice, now, times has worn badly on all of us, things aren’t so fine
See we moved over 1000 miles away, to a place where I was forced to live and stay 
A place where no one knew my face or my name, a place I still do not love to this day.

I am alone, my parents still live here, but things aren’t the same, we all live in a house
A house, not a home, love is missing, religion is dominant is this sad sacred house
And as I sit and drink and write this, I wonder how things got so bad, it’s a shame
My parents followed God, we obeyed and we paid dearly for playing his little game.

I used to be close to my family members, back in the day when we all were alright,
Could we go back to those days, even if it’s just for one more night?

The End

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