When We Two Parted

The mellowing sound of rain outside my body,
Eyes remain so dry, still free from the veil,
But inside I’m so watery, inside I’m so frail,
Not malleable, I would surely break from your touch,
Like still-solid broken glass of an abandoned house,
But adaptable and anchorless,
A ship out to sea with no captain or need,
But the ocean’s in me, my eyes only plead
With a strange deity of life and misery
That I be freed of this terrible affliction.
But once again I flood with cursèd emotion,
A pitiful liquid concoction wells up in my eyes,
And a new light emanates from inside my skull,
Reminding me the verse buried deep in my soul;
“Once lost, what was yours is never again to be held,
As a bird set free rarely returns to its cell.”
My sanity continues its silent, solemn flight,
No longer imprisoned in so tight a vessel,
Confined only by chance and circumstance,
But how empty the cage, with no interred occupants
Save the rushing waters that cleanse me of my fallible self.

The End

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