When the Sun Goes Down

This poem was inspired by one of my best friends. Although I don't think I've ever told her that. Title comes from Selena Gomez's album.
It's about what one hides while one is around others, and how that mask slips when one is alone. But how it's all fruitless in the end because there is no escaping your demons.

When the sun goes down

she loses herself.

In the dark.

Her fragile grip on life



into the nothingness.

That vastness of space.


The darkness chokes her.

Takes a hold of her

and pulls her deeper in.

Finds its way into her lungs and airways,

so she can’t breathe.

It creeps into her mind,

and into her heart,

blackening her thoughts and soul.


In moments such as these,

she wonders who she is.


no one,







Who is she?

What is she?



she wonders,

I’m insane?

How do you know?

You don’t.

Insanity smothers you

until you no longer know,

can no longer distinguish,

the truth from the lies,

the insane from the sane.


What does she know?

What does she hide

behind that pretty little smile?


Insanity and darkness

hover near.

Always waiting

for her to sink below the ground.


But it is always the fear of the unknown,

that takes her away from who she

pretends to be.


When the sun goes down,

she drops her mask,

for no one to see

what she hides.


too quick!

The darkness swallows her.

Claims her for itself.

Turns her into something else.

Like a new mask.


Will she ever know who she really is?

The End

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