When the Lord forgives

Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned against you. 

I know the rights from wrongs and I have wronged against you. 

It's a lame excuse to say that "I really didn't mean to", 

Because I still went down the road you that had warned me not to. 

I thought that I was doing something good; well I definitely was thinking.

But now I know how wrong I am with I do with things i do and things I'm thinking.

 It's strange to me why you would come and take my beating.

 You did this for me long before my heart was even beating.

You've made everything from stars that shine to everything that's breathing.

And here I am acting like you're nothing close to what I'm breathing.

My actions have taken me off the road you've put me on 

And you're the rock I'm supposed to build my life upon.

There's no one else I can run to when it seems that I can't carry on.

but When life is good, I'm at baggage claim and you are not my carry on. 

Lord, teach me what it really means to abide in you.

Show me what it really means; to die is gain, to live is you.

 Real men love Christ, please show me how to love like you.

 Show me that you've paid my debt when all my rent is due.

Jesus, strengthen me with what I need to conquer sin,

Because all my wrongs have put me in the place I'm in. 

Show me that my slate is clean and life begins,

And how I'm free when temptations come and I am strugglin. 

The End

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