When the Flesh is Gone the Truth is What Remains

And out came the wolves

To tear flesh from flesh

And devour the living carcass that fell

With no will to survive

Not moving an inch to save my own life


Born with self hatred in my bones

Constantly trying to burn my own body down

The wolves are like my angels

Razors for teeth and claws like steel

To rip away and reveal the shell of me

Because that's all I really am

The added layers just a nuisance, all a mask that I've always wanted taken away


Agony is much like pleasure

The two always closely related

A  toxic dance while my true self becomes seen

Just a shell of porcelain white when the exterior is torn away

Nothing more and nothing less

Empty, plain, and nearly true

Waiting for canines to  gnash on bone

And leave nothing but a red afterimage behind


The End

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