When the Dust Settles

A poem from an unusual perspective, I'll say no more. "We'll Meet Again" was written by Ross Parker, it is referenced in this poem.

You know me

You've seen me

You've heard my name before

You thought my flames were brilliant

Until they burned outside your door


You live in idle happiness

You think it's all just fine

You live in bliss, in ignorance

While others have to die


Many suffered this same fate

That you're to suffer now

But why must you be so surprised

Why must you ponder : "How?"


Cities just the same as yours

Have felt my touch, tis' true

I'm coming, don't you worry

I'm coming just for you


From miles above, I spread my wings

Blaring sirens fill the sky

It'll be a few more minutes yet

So run, it's worth a try


I breach the clouds, I see them now

It's truly quite a sight

I watch them run amok

They're of no concern tonight


I see your home from up above

That chimney sure looks nice

I'd give you some more compliments

If my heart weren't cold as ice


I see your sparkling eyes, my dear

They widen, oh how cute

I couldn't fathom why

I thought your kind was so astute


They told you not to do it

But, you did it anyway

You watched me as I closed the gap

I burned your sight away


I think you're prettier now

Than you ever were before

You're battered, bruised and dying

In a puddle on the floor


You take your last few breaths

The air was hot and dry


Come on...


Get up...


You'll miss it!


The mighty mushroom in the sky...


You've ceased to be it seems

Well, I guess we can relate

I hope you aren't angry

It wasn't based on hate


There's a song I'm thinking of

By Vera Lynn I do believe

Oh yes, "We'll Meet Again" some day

You can't escape from me


Let's drop the idle banter

I've tested your mettle

Maybe you and I will meet again

When the dust settles

The End

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