When the Devil Comes for Me

I know he's coming for me, but I don't think he'll come in the way many people expect...

From the moment you first touched me on your futon that night,
I knew I was lost.
And I was willingly, hopelessly, gratefully lost.
I saw the Devil smile on me and add my name to his list,
And I smiled back and agreed to the fate I had chosen.

But when the Devil comes for me
I don't think he'll come with chains or spikes or torments;

I think he will come in you.

In the fleeting softness of your gaze,
The gentle pressure of your touch,
The music in your laugh. 

He knows you are my weakness.
He knows you took my strength.
And he knows I will do anything for that softness, that pressure, that music.

I will damn myself.

I will embrace the pits of Hell like a lover,
Like I used to embrace you,
And I will be glad for it.
Because everything I will endure there will be a trifle
Compared to life without you.

The End

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