When the Clouds draw nearMature

When the Clouds draw near,
The raindrops will fall
On my shirt, in my hair,
Feel the cold.

Half walking through half running,
Is he that is beside me,
As we wait for our final One
To come.

The rain has caught her too,
But nothing we couldn't fix,
Though I was too soaked
To hand out the towel.

Now together,
In the sun,
Smiles and happy,
Cheeky and mysteriously,
Letting our guard down.

The trees are tree-ing on us,
So spiky.

But I don't care,
As long as we're here,
I'm here,
You're here.

When the Clouds draw near,
I shall have no fear
Of raining out the warmth,
As I can feel your palms,

Caressing, soft and smooth.

The End

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