Short and sweetMature

I don't wanna leave
Why? You have to.
Cos I wanna cheer you up before you go.
Otherwise, I feel like a failure
You're not.

But what am I if I cannot make
The person I love smile
When they need me.

No no no
Your job isn't to cheer me up
You are you,
and I am yours, as you are mine,
And your arms
Are safe to me.
Totally safe.

I could be happy to see you,
Or crying my heart out,
Your arms are still safe to me.
Even your virtual ones,
Though weaker,
Have the same effect.

You don't need to cheer me up
That's just a bonus
What you do need to do
Is what you do already,
Without even noticing.

Open your arms to me
So that I feel safe.


I'm gonna start happy crying in a sec.
:') I am already.

The End

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