Out of sightMature

Flicking past the rows and lines,
Hovering behind closed blinds,
Wonder why I have an empty space,

Pictures pictures on the wall,
From your grand almighty ball,
I hide from view behind the window pain.

The one day we come back again,
Looking round to find a friend,
You pick me out and tell me in surprise:

"My my girl where have you been?
We missed you there, we missed you then."
I raise an eyebrow, turn and walk away.

Cos I know something you don't seem
Or want to realise,
Something that you tell yourself is false.

That once I'm out of eye-sight,
I've blended with the night,
It'll be as if I'd never existed
At all.

And that's my life, I know so well
My selfishness could never tell
That day by day I fade and fade away.

The night is calling, calling far,
Doesn't matter where we are,
You've closed your eyes so I am out of sight.

So when you're tired, at day's end,
Sending love to all your friends,
Remember me and the rest of me

You left behind.

The End

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