Three TriesMature

I thought I tried,
Hard as I could,
To make them home,
Much as they could,

But once again,
I seemed to see,
The same empty space,
Walking beside me

As I march across
Abundant empty plains
Where am I coming from?
Where am I coming from?

The bells are ringing
In my head.

Well, I thought I'd tried,
So sick of the lonely life,
When I ended up watching,
Watching myself falling

For the third time.

I was so small.
I couldn't see,
Though my vision was clear as crystal waters.

Only a little,
Pushed off the path
And into the icy sea.

And now I'm here,
Eyes opening slowly,
I see again,
History returning.

My history.

Each time,
Each age,
The empty space
Walks by my side,
Keeps me company.

I've had too many chances.

Do I deserve another?

The End

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