Broken songMature

I don't often get poetic when the Clouds draw near. However, it seems the poet has something to say, and this is where she stays.

I turn again
To face the screen,
Everyone else does,
Why not I?

She opens her mouth,
Here's what I don't
Want to hear.
Why should I?

Just another
Living as if her dreams are
Coming true.

She's the only girl in the world
And she has made it.
But what about the rest of us?
Who try and try and try and try.

I may be good at what I do,
But I sure as hell won't be good as you.
Not enough this, too much of that,
Still enmeshed in comforting fat.

It takes time
And effort on your part,
Can you cope and take this
To heart?




I'm living in a world
Where the numbers work
And people don't matter.
Who are you?

The same word, round and round and round.
Use tackle!
Take her to Ground.

Selfish wants
Selfish fears
Glass on glass of
Selfish tears.

Everyone wants
What the other one has,
The other one wants
What everyone has.

And here is the heart.
Still waiting for her chance to become the star she keeps seeing
On the TV
Being forced to watch

What she can never be.

The End

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