When someone asks me...

I was talking to someone a while back, who was asking me how i cope with my fiance being so far away..and i told them i cope because i love her....then when i went home it was still in my head so i wrote a poem....hope you like :D:D

When people ask 'How do you cope?',

you know, with being so far away?

I get kinda nervous, I never know

what I should say.


Do I tell them what they want,

that it's easy if you try.

Do I tell them, a lot of the time,

I just want to cry.


My mind goes blank,

I tell them I just do.

The whole time I'm thinking,

thinking of you.


That's when it hits me,

it doesn't matter what I say,

what words I use,

how I put it and in what way.


No matter how they try,

they can never understand.

That I get through every moment,

just waiting to hold your hand.


Every time someone asks me,

you know, how do you get through?

I just think one thing.

Because I'll never love anything as much as I love you.

The End

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