Don't Judge Me

My word is kept

When I'm sure of the validity of my action

I retract it

When I realize that it's nonsense


Should I live in pain and persist on my stubbornness

Because I shouldn't withdrew an in vain action?

Or should I revoke it and gain my serenity back?


Whatever you think,

No matter what is your opinion,

You don't understand what's happening inside me

Whether there was a burning fire

Or the coldness of ice

A smile on the face doesn't curve one in the heart

A harmonious laugh won't lift an injured soul


Don't put me in a trial

Where you judge me with your eyes,


And words

Don't rebuke my deeds

When you are ignorant of the whole story,

And unaware of vital details


Would you reconsider your opinion now?

Or stick to it more?

Should I retract?

Or should I persist?

The End

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