When it Rains Stardust

So like one of my other poems, I wrote the middle section of this poem first and then a long time later, wrote the beginning and end, so it kind of feels like it doesn't flow and there are different tones throughout. But also like other poems, I'm getting sick of staring at it and trying to edit it so I decided to just publish it as it is and hope for the best.

Science taught me

that webs of atoms connect us

to all time and space

and that energy is never created or destroyed,

but simply transformed.


So on clear moonlit nights

I used to lie against the earth's skin

and let the starlight bathe my body,

as I thought about

human souls and minds and bodies.


Ashes to ashes, and we

were born from stardust – 

from the explosion of colliding meteors,

when the earth was first created

and it rained from the heavens.


Souls made of flames

and love in our veins

and sometimes the human condition

is simply the understanding

that we are more than just human beings;


we are something more infinite.

We are the sun and the moon

and the light from

every distant planet,

and we are every galaxy in between.


We are stars that exploded

and nebula that collapsed.

Twisted between the strands

of our very DNA are the

secrets of the universe.


So darling please remember:

it's not the weight of the world

on your shoulders,

it's the strength of the universe

in your bones.

The End

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