When I Was Ten

The poem is about a woman who was fascinated by God's gift to her; how friendship could come unexpectedly in one's life no matter the age difference and distance. The time she was innocently unaware, a plan that was made(when she was ten) ahead by Him and how it came perfectly in her life when she needed it most.

Pink ribbons and paper chains

Glitters like rainbow in my hand

Children’s laughter I hear during the day

Fond of stars and faeries is what I am

When ribbons turned to lace

And day’s laughter to night’s sojourn

Distant stars became hopes and dreams

Colors tinged gray for what it seem

I thought this is the end

For I didn’t understand then

What has this blue sky in store for me?

Is a treasure He alone can give

A friendship that can last a lifetime

When it came out of nowhere and into my life

I wonder...

He must have been thinking so much about me

When I was ten…

The End

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