when I was a kid there was a God

when I was a kid,

I believed in God.

that belief's long gone by now,

but it's nice to know that I once

held the capacity for faith.

when I was a kid,

my sister was an avid reader of the Bible.

she love God.

or should I say Love with a capital L.

when I was a kid,

the sinners went to church

becuase sinners were always the saints

who hadn't been discovered yet.

when I was a kid,

I didn't know what to think and I was confused.

and I saw people using God for hate

and I shied away.

i backed down and I shivered.

when I was  a kid,

everything was so simple,

supernovae exploding on a starry night,

showers of stardust.

when I was a kid

i never really saw the whole picture.

everything was stardust

and I just wanted to be pretty.

when I was a kid,

God seemed to fail me in my head

when I was a kid,

I stopped believing in God

The End

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