When I was a kid

When I was a kid,


I lived in a small house in a closed neighborhood,


the house was on half an acre.


across the street there were some woods filled with tall trees-


as far as the eye could see.


even after I climbed to the very top of my favorite tree in my back yard,


I still couldn’t see an end to those trees.


late at night, coming home from a store that seemed a million miles from home,


I would stare out of the car window


and see tiny rain drops streaking,


and blurring, red, lights blinking,


of radio towers standing tall in the distance.


I remember the sun setting, all purple and yellow,


behind that endless field of power poles,


stretching off into the distance between great rows of trees-


far off into the yellowish horizon;


that’s how I imagined wheat fields would look.


I had a cool, bright-green shirt when I was a kid,


it had batman crashing through a brick wall.


The bricks were green, and the rendering of batman-


was a fierce and almost frightening depiction;


it made me imagine surrealistic fantasies:


infinitely-high red, brick walls covered by a stormy sky - cut by lightning.


A chain-link fence was being climbed over, a hero was escaping, fighting,


struggling against the dark.


I remember I had nightmares about my backyard,


I would sit on the couch and look through the sliding glass door,


I would wait, and wait until I heard it:


Wolves howling.


They hailed from the darkness of my backyard,


not from the forest across the street.


I had never seen a wolf.


I remember episodes about giant bats, and scarecrows,


and I remember the one about the invisible man, and Jonah Hex.


When we went to Melbourne, I would watch the sun beating on the ground,


Later it would slowly start going down,


It would change the sky,


and I swear the sky was more beautiful when I was a kid.


The End

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