When I Miss You

When I miss you...
What keeps me happy is knowing you're living,
Experiencing this beautiful world through your beautiful eyes,
But still, everything is what I'd be giving,
To be there by your side.

When I miss you...
Your spoken words are reminiscing in my head,
I'd give so much for my ears to hear it now,
The sweet, soothing voice of those words said,
Every consonant and every vowel.

When I miss you...
A thousand things happen in my blurry life,
Even a number of times I've gotten into strife,
I spend hours wishing I could tell of everything,
But there's not one bar of signal that I can ring.

When I miss you...
I remember that I'm a thousand miles away,
Yet at the same time, I see you everywhere,
And even when you're gone there is not one day,
Where I forget about you, where I forget to care.

When I miss you...
I've never had doubts about you,
But days when I can't call through,
Are the days that I truly knew,
That my feelings of love for you are true.

The End

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