When I grow up

When I grow up I’m going to live in a hippy commune.

We will all live in tree houses up far away for the rest of the world.

We will all share each other and love and be happy, and smoke weed.

I will stop shaving, and stop caring about the way I look,

I will know we are all made beautiful.

I will be high of sobriety, and I will be happy.

Everyday will be a new adventure.


When I grow up I’m going to move to New York.

I’m going to be a poet who lives in a crappy one-room apartment, and take the subway everywhere I go.

All my clothes will be dirty, all the time and the little money I make I will spend on drugs.

I will be a whore, and party all the time.

I will smear black eye shadow under my eyes and be skinny.

All my friends will do drugs too. We will be hip and all be artists.

I will eventually die of overdose, alone.


When I grow up I’m going to find a man and marry him.

I’m going to give away all my freedoms and birth his children,

No job for me, I will spend 3 hours a day doing my hair, and an hour on my makeup

Just to drive my kids to soccer practice.

I will go to PTA meetings

I will drive a minivan into the suburban home I live in.

My husband will cheat on me with a younger woman and I will pretend not to know.

I will be unhappy, ultimately alone.


When I grow up I will go insane.

I will be sent to a hospital and spend my days mumbling truths no one can understand.

I will be a nuisance on all those I love.

They will wish me death, secretly of course.


When I grow up I’m going to be better than all of you ever thought I would be.


When I grow up, I’ll be different,

I won’t be me,

I’ll be a grown up


When I grow up,

I won’t grow up.

The End

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