When I Close My Eyes

I can close my eyes and find

A world that can't be seen.

Only felt and smelt and known

If you know what I mean.

I knew this place as a young girl,

Frequented it then

But as the years go strolling by

I long to be there again.

I can still smell the crisp air,

Feel the breeze across my face.

A smile parts across my lips

As I recall this favored place.

How I long to return again

For longer than a moment.

Everything frozen in time, immortiziled

I find it right how I left it.

When I return, you're still alive

And im no longer sick

Like nothing evil even exists,

Plenty of flowers to pick

And even as you pick them

New ones grow in their place

Springing up in hopes to see

That smile grace your face

But life is rough, the world is cruel.

Reality lands hard,

Your face is buried 6 feet deep

Ive tried to mend my heart

But its seen a lot of wear these days

Hurt im not allowed to show

Shards of glass pierce deeply

Pain one cannot grasp enough to know.

For there's far more to this heart

Than im allowed to discuss

Im not surprised by questioning eyes

It's not worth all the fuss.

I'll just stand here in the breeze

A tease of spring lingering

I'll close my eyes and there I'll find

Hope of the promise from my King.

That proves all I need.

The End

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