when did the news become something to be lorded?

today my sister asked me
if i had heard about Nepal

and i said yes

(because I saw a Tumblr post
and followed that to news articles
and death tolls and the site
that Google's set up to find people)

and she looked surprised

well, she said, have you 
heard about Baltimore?

and i said yes

(because i was searching up
why are my hands shaking
and why are there riots in Baltimore popped up
so i clicked on it
and spent two hours reading about
the riots and the police
and that Gray man and the gangs)

and she still looked surprised

you're quite a well-informed teenager, aren't you?
she told me, and i heard the edge of spite to it

and i said yes to the sardonic comment

(because so far i've been playing
i've been playing them all along
and they never realized
so i feigned ignorance and let them
'teach' me so i pretended
that i wasn't who i was)

and i can't say i was surprised

when just as i take the mask off,
they don't like what they find underneath 

(someone who knows the news 
as well as they know their hands)

The End

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