When Did Love Become a Coward?

Nobody wants you to fight for love
They want you to accept what you get
They want your complacent understanding
They want you to lie down

Those who fall in love at first sight
give name to the walk of shame
tiptoeing away to ignore what they’ve seen

Love doesn’t always find you
it sits on the couch
waiting for you to find it

True love is only accurate
while the question it answers
can still be remembered

Love does not know fate
It has no interest in destiny
It comes if and when it pleases
It leaves many to their loneliness

Nobody wants to live happily ever after
They won’t accept an ending
They worry about the ever after
They find no guarantee of happiness

Love does not make compromises
it expects you to agree with it
or else discards you as an inconvenience

Those who come to find it
will be forced to change themselves
but love will change itself for no one

Love will use itself
to hold you up for ransom
until it meets somebody richer

Love doesn’t care who you are
It will always put itself first
It runs from every fight
It has become a coward

The End

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