All I want

All I want is for you to be free,

Free from all insecurity.

But you shake, in need of when your next high will be.

That isn't free, that's pure misery.

All I want in to just help you,

But you put on an act, that's all you do.

You want to be tough, we know it's not true,

And inside you're dying, your soul is so blue.

All I want is to know you're okay.

I worry about you every single day.

'Let it alone Laura, don't even,' you say,

But do you know why I worry this way?

All I want is your safety ensured,

But you think that I'm being ubsurd.

I try yo warn, but you feel lectured.

You're becoming so lost like a blinded bird.

All I want in to always be there.

So that you know I will endlessly care.

I know your actions will be hard to bare

But I just can't sit back and watch you destry your life. 

The End

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