Time won't Stand Still

Tell me why everything was a blur

Where it all went wrong

Was it when we couldn’t commit

Was it when there were people in between us

And we came in between us


Then we hated us

Because we had to move on

I wasn’t going to wait for you to change any longer

Life is too short for that

And you can’t say I betrayed you

Because if you look in the mirror

You have faults written all over


And you could have had me

And I once had you


But I can’t be with someone who selfish

And expects me to wait every time

They decide to leave


Especially when you decided on purpose you would hurt me

I caught on to your game long ago

Only cause I stayed mute

Doesn’t mean I didn’t see


I am just finally tired see?

Of the mind games you admitted to

And you know what? I know I did this to myself

But more than that I did it for you


And you don’t know what you’re missing out

We could have been something great

The End

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