What You Were

This talks about how much a person can change while the love continues, its not the person they fell in love with. And while she is trying to get over him, he is hating her what he thinks is discreetly, but its obvious to her.

If I hurt you now so deep,

You can hardly bare to look my way

What can I say?

If you already know the words I want to say

You already know how I feel so why ask

And your guard is so up

No one can surpass it


And you shun me and keep me

Maybe as a punishment

So I can see what pain I have instilled in you

And what pain you can cause in me


And this reminds me

That I want to run away

And disappear

Yet so eager for those good days

That maybe you forget I was here

Wanting to relive each moment

That felt so good

And felt so nice

You made me feel the best at one point

And now we are at quiet wars


I love you still

Beside all that


And won’t forget the person I met

Yet I’m trying to let go

Of the person you’ve become

The End

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