What You NeedMature

I know what you're thinking right now.
you feel so inadequate that there is nothing
but pain where your heart should be-
your mind is screaming at you
telling you to get your shit together
or everyone will leave you.

and I know what you're feeling right now.
you feel such a heavy sadness that's
weighing down all of your movements
and the silence is just so
deafening and you can't even be bothered
to notice the white noise trying to lure
you into the darkness.

and I know what you're looking for
as your eyes scan the too-crowded room,
looking at every face but seeing none,
you're looking for a saving grace,
someone to make the depressed thoughts
go away.

but what you don't know
is that a one night,love-me- lightly
whisper-with-me- softly,moonlit affair
isn't what will make you whole again.
it will haunt you for hours,days,months,years

even after their face is just a smudge on the walls
of your memory.
their hands aren't what you need tonight
while your heart is wallowing in its loneliness:

what you need is your own acceptance.

The End

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