What you mean to me

The rivers tranquillity cannot compare, 

To your beauty and skin so fair,

You burn my sorrow and light my paths,
You’re the angel, 

With your wings of serenity washing over me,

Engulfing the essence of my being,

The fibre of my existence,

My body trembles in your beauty.

Your eyes, they say, are the window to the soul,

If so your soul speaks to me,
it has love unwavering,

Friendship loyal,
and a heart of celestial sincerity.

It has the grace of the wind, 

Flawless and smooth,

Not visible but felt EVERYWHERE!

Your voice calms the raging fire inside of me,
the white flame, 

Fuelled by anger,

Fuelled by hurt,

Fuelled by sorrow. 

I know that one day soon, you will extinguish that flame,

The flame that eats at the weathered fabric of my existence.

You are my angel, my gem; you are the better half of me.
You are my....everything.


The End

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