What You Get..

It is an experience of patterns that we see in life.

The staunch of hatred is dismally evident in air

Every breath is heavy and is woven brutally

With words dead harsh and actions more bare

Of those free bodies who walk around lifelessly

They care about no one, not even their own

No wonder they fail to see what lies ahead

Are the very fruits of the seeds they have sown

Of the smiles killed ,the tears that were shed

Wish My Lord they see the harm that’s done

By their ignorance or sense of purpose

Which ever may be the guiding one

To the life that is at their deed’s dispose

Its easy to walk over and move on

Till that path is their own road of fate

Reflecting every work in mirror head on

Making it difficult to pass the eternal gate

Every tear unshared clings to the eye

Upsurges pain in places deep unknown

We question then, ‘why God why?’

Failing to realize this share is our own

Life moves in circle that is complete

Every step is an end and is a beginning bet

No short cuts , no backspace or delete

What you give in this world is what you get….



The End

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