What You Are

Like the cocoon is to the caterpillar

Your loving is to me

Wrap me up in your sweet devotion

Keep my safe in your company.


Like the umbrella is in the rain time

I feel so warm and dry

Your embraces  stop the falling tears

It's like you barely have to try.


Like my favorite tasting candies

You are endlessly sweet

And the times that we spend together

Will forever be my treat.


Like the sunshine is to the sunflower

You brighten up my day

And I can't live without you

Or I would wither away.


Like the water is to the coastal sands

The waves of passion collide

And the tide pulls me toward you

Never to leave your side.


Like a castled fortress is to its king

You protect my mortal soul

And anytime you are feeling besieged

I'll fight to keep you whole.


Like an astral comet speeding through space

With its colors all aglow

Your beauty is more than celestial

And everyday I tell you so.


Like the wind that breezes through the air

Your caresses are kind

You know just where to touch me

As if you read my mind.


As the mighty hound is to the agile fox

I give to playful chase

And when the hunt is good and over

I plant kisses on your face.


As the oxygen that fills my body's lungs

Or the blood within my heart

This is what you are to me

And I've loved you from the start.

The End

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