What Would You Do?

So you enjoy the look on my face?

After all I’ve done?

After what you did to me without realization?

You don’t know how much I hurt by the simplest things you don’t express

Are you not proud to have me as a beautiful partner?

You don’t want to show off your respected gift in public?

You’re unaware of what this is becoming and it scares me

What would you do if I told you; you make me to hurt myself when you hurt me?

What would you do if I gave you the number of nicks grazing my arm?

What would you do if I left? But I cared what happened?

What would you do if I stayed? But I didn’t care what happened?

Driven into doubtfulness, questionable faith

Even when I am right beside you

I’m empty, alone, and cold

I try to talk to you about what hurts me

But I’m going nowhere

I can’t let myself get excited then get disappointed again

It’s happened so many times I don’t even ask now

But of course you don’t know

That’s because you won’t talk!

Do you not want me to know what you’re thinking?

What your day was like? How your family is doing?

Do you not trust me?

I’m flawed, I know

I’ve made bad decisions

But don’t think of me as a bad person

Why won’t you talk to me?

I want to hear all the good and bad things from you!

Not anyone else!

I don’t want to be carried on like this again

I refuse to put myself through that much pain again

But I don’t want to let go

I guess I just have a sliver left of hope

For you to realize you hurt me

By talking to her rather than me

How you smile more around her

How you are more enthusiastic to even converse with her

It puts me at second best

I cry when I am convinced by my own eyes I am not accepted

I don’t want to hurt this way every single day

Tell me;

What would you do if I asked:

“I love you; do you think we could last forever?”

What would you do?

The End

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