What was she?

She's the blue of a stormy sky and angry ocean waves. She encompasses the raging winds and furious tides and she is everything I never realized I needed.

She had strange ideas about religion.
Ideas that ran together into an endless stream of love,
for the lowest species on earth.

She found wonder and vibrancy,
In the uniquenesss of the one.
So she never had trouble getting lost in a crowd.

Passion was her goal and kindness her weapon.
It would take more than a war to stifle hellfire.
She burnt herself lovingly.

She wove magic into quilts,
She laid to rest the hurting and the damned.
She was an a bird who'd forgotten how to fly.

Or maybe she never learned.
Fear is a powerful deterrant.
Flying or falling, One wind, just one gust.

The End

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