what was left unsaid

Lifeless I stand my life worth nothing at all

I wasn’t even there for you when you would call

It happened so quickly, it was out of my control

But now you’re gone and so is my soul

Your eyes they sparkled like they had a story to tell

Inside out I studied you, knew you oh so well

You knew nothing about me though

Because my feelings, intense desires I’d never show


The day you confessed your love to me, my blood ran cold

But many secrets that day remained untold

My heart raced, my mouth went dry

You had this intense pull on me and I didn’t know why

But now I stand bedraggled, wet, shivering, and I don’t even care

Because I feel lost knowing you’re no longer here

Why did this happen, why only now

This all remains mildly peculiar somehow


I watched you in silence always wishing to say

“Babe I love you, be mine today”

But easy as it was I always shyed away

 Now these tracks have claimed your life this way

Didn’t you hear that train coming, so you could run to safety?

Didn’t you hear its horn, its blaring lights, couldn’t you see

Why did you choose on these tracks to remain

Leaving me and causing me so much pain


But now you’re gone surprise surprise

Should have smartened up, should have been wise

Nothing I can do nothing I can say

Just wish you didn’t have to die this way

An abrupt moment; a short rendezvous

Describes the life we shared, me and you

What hurts me the most is not what I said

Instead what breaks my heart, is what was left unsaid

The End

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