What was...

This is one of the piece I wrote last year. The 'white-winged' times I guess. I was a pretty messed up kid back then and let's just say when all the daisies were yellow, I was the dandelion. But things have changed fortunately and I look forward to publishing pleasant pieces.

What was sunshine turned to rain, 
What was happiness turned to pain, 

What was warm turned to cold, 
What was new turned to old, 

What was pride turned to shame, 
What was wild turned to tame, 

What was free turned to caged, 
What was peace turned to rage,

What was found turned to lost, 
What was fog turned to frost, 

What was fire turned to ice, 
What was man turned to mice, 

What was light turned to dark, 
What was a forest turned to a park, 

What was happy turned to sad, 
What was good turned to bad,

What was courage turned to fear, 
What was cheerful turned to tears.

The End

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