What type of friendship is this?

A sad story about friendship!

What type of friendship is this?

In which, you don't miss

your best friend who supported you,

even if you had fever or flu.

We both did everything together,

we bought the same shoes of leather.

You helped me with my homework.

You didn't mind, if I called you a jerk.

You were just like a sister to me,

But my feelings have changed a bit, I see.

We used to share everything with each other,

the problem aroused when we were overheard by your brother.

Now, that you are far away,

There only, I would ask you to stay.

I guess you have new friends,

those, who know nothing about friendship but only the trends.

No messages, no calls,

With you,now I won't go to the malls.

I hope you'll realize some day,

and o' course you'll have to pay,

for what you did with me,

and then, I'll watch you from behind the tree...........

The End

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