What to write when the mind disobeys?Mature

What to write when the mind disobeys,

creates the insane,

wraps and lingers and stays the same.

Nothing will change.

If I'm going to fuck up my own life,

that's nothing for you to say.

The lines fall flat faced and favored.

I'm teetering on the border of duplicity.

This resin flattening the wrinkles of my brain.

Picking guitars and losing this way,

I find the impossible just about ready to say.

I see the pulp of our generation,

squirming in the womb they've placed us in

Again and over. Over and again.

The Light doesn't change

when the sky's always blue

no metaphors to lay

just  a gun I pick up every day

One that's heavy

not too bare

One that has an eye

always staring and always there.


We got our religion in our hands

and the power of God all in the same

how we play and how we dance

and how our magical entries enchant

A void more open then space

and one more enticing than any of the Devil's games

too much pressure, too many maps

too many thoughts

that led into traps

my head is racing

my body feels ill

these black rooms,

every night.

play with my will.

It's just a sad, sad story

got no end.

I'm lost in my mind,

in the dark night, again.

I can see my entire life in front of me

the choices I will be soon to make

the highways they pushed in my direction

or the freeway, like all the rest

it's not like I'd have anything better to do 

with my time

then the same.

I'm losing myself to the riptide

that washes on the sands 

of my mind,

near the wrinkles

every night.


And a choice appears,

always smiling, green and slim

sincere, they show

how small you really are

how short your substance

how forgotten your cause

how slimy and sleek their skin is

under the sheath of pale gold

how envious the rest,

that watch as many

get wrapped, sweet and devine

in the infancy of arms

A grin more wide than a face.

Wait. You'll know.

Just a few more years.

Trust me.

You'll know.


If this goes to the owner of my thoughts,

or to the reader, confused and skeptical,

do not let them take you.

We need to lead a maroon war

against something that has already won the battles

before they started.


And so I play my games,

and find a way to pass my day.

But far from now,

when I don't care of the choices I made

I swear to the people I hate

you'll find a nice shady spot to lay

and you can sit and do nothing

just once,

for every day.

And me,


I'll do.

The same that's been done.

from me, every day, for years.

I'll feed off the tits

at every available chance

and hope, once,

that far from now, forever

never fleeting

I can find a place

To get away 

from everyone.

Everyone and you.

And me, too.

The End

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