What to Tell You

a poem for a love of mine

Hello sweet darling,

there's so much I'd like to do 

to show you how much I care

and things to say to you.

If I could paint 1,000,000 pictures

your the colors that I'd use

your warm, chocolate brown eyes

could chase away my blues. 

memorizing your face

staring in my green lagoons

I'd like to hold you forever

gazing at this silver moon.

I could feel like I'm flying

when you and I kiss

send me straight up to heaven 

with your lips against my lips.

I can feel how much you care

I love your caress upon my skin

when I get cold, you keep me warm

pull up the covers to tuck me in.

Come lay with me real close

under the crook of your arm

I'd rather be no where else

right here is where I belong.

I have so much fun with you

this silly side that comes to show

I want to be your best friend

and know secrets no one knows. 

I love your many smiles, 

how you do them for different things

but my favorite one you do

is when you look at me.

I've got a confession to make,

one last thing to do

tell you how wonderful you are 

and that I love you.

The End

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