What They Said

And now she's gone. I can't... I don't...
I think I'm crying now.
Please help me. I'm not functioning, so I'm going to go to sleep now.

They said,

'You can't write.'

I said,

'But I like to.'

And I was met with silence.

I went to my sister's funeral.

They whispered, they said,

'Too bad he was so...'

And they lower their voice

Like it's a bad word.

She was a girl

Because she was.

No matter what the

Doctors told her,

No matter what our

Parents told her.

My sister was just that.

A girl who was born as a boy

And who died too young.

And I'm angry,

But I've deflated,

Over the years.

My voice, once

Ringing out with

Pride, has been quieted.

I cry for her.

I always did,

When she was

Bullied in school,

And I'd tell her,

'They didn't mean it.

You're perfect.'

And she wouldn't

Believe me.

Well look at what

You've done.

Are you proud?

You've killed her.

You killed my sister!


I think I'm next.

The End

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