What the Hell Happened to You?

This is an OLD poem, but the emotions behind them were strong enough to warrant posting here.

What the hell happened to you?
We had so many good days, and many good nights.
The summers camping around the hot fire's light.
I remember napping under the bright April sun.
I recall holidays, you smiled with everyone.
The winters were full of snowball wars,
And forts to hide in when it was time for chores.
I was so little, so frail, so young and so weak.
So you taught me too much the second I could speak.
I took my first steps, you tried to make me run.
As much as I fell, I tried to have fun.
I always wondered if it all was my fault.
I tried to lock my fears of you deep inside some vault.
I sucked it up. I tried to keep going strong.
I never knew that it was you all along.
I made up excuses, I made up my lies,
I hid from your rage and angry cries.
You held it in, and denied your fears,
You lashed out harder with each of our tears.
A hand would pull back, and I would fall down,
The bruises varied from black, blue and brown.
I collected bumps as I hit the walls I drew on,
You threw me around by the clothes I threw on.
I bled, I ached, I stumbled and I cried.
You rejected it, refused and denied.
You have serious issues, your doctors said
And you took your anger out on my head.
I stood between you and the others, 
Better if it's me than my sister or brother.
But now it is no more, and you're away,
And we're just fine without you every day.
So, I have one question, and then we're through.
Dad, what the hell happened to you?

The End

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