Dozing Off

Eyes closed I writeu escape looks like. Likea yellow svird perhaps.Sleepy bird. Deer bird Deer. Oh dear. Sometimes the world looks like a fiana tea cup leaces swirling swirling. And I know that sometimes the mind is flawed. Ypes randome secuewnces . Falll asleep can't quite find the right letter vecause m vrain is being switched off into lazy more. Lazy more, lay more I think I might just close my eyes fod foreever now. I think I just fell asleep, the unconscious is a scarey place a scary placy full of amainf wonswe. Oh swwe Ohswwe oh swwwe. I rI qonswe qhR QILL Hppwn qhwn you dll ALWWP I RHINK AHW XN SEINK IR ll. Ywa,LL, FO RO RHW SOOE ns ahur hwe in. foro

snap out of it

I write I wtite I write.

I fall asleep under the buden of a heavy heavy exhaustion.

I don't know how to stay waake when all is so peacceful and quiet and sunny warm full and dull and

I want to find an escape anlthough I don'r know q

uite what my escape is. Does it look like peace? Does it look like aminfra wonsfra?

The End

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