High G

Clarinet playing in high G

How do I know?

duh duh duh duh, deedle-y dee, deedle-y dee

I hear

Girl swinging from a tree

Bum bum bum bum 

That's what I see

Spin spin spin spin

In 4:4 time 

Syncopating in 

To her outrageous grin 

As she... de de de de de de de de 


Daredevil girl takes to the skies!

Loopty loops 

Double decker triple pies!

Around the world and back again

Zing zing!


Battle a dragon named Sven!

Fly all over again!

Land in among the reeds

Forest of basoon seeds

Luh la loo see the moon

In a transient lullaby 


It suddenly ends


All gone but the potbellied tubas

The lanky flutes

The curved cellos  

Softening mutes

No strings to end it all

Just a wave of a blade

A silencing call

The End

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