The Aspen Twist


Aspen leaves shimmy down

The trees of dance 

Jazzy hands 

You go Aspen!

You and your green fluttery leaves

Makes me wonder how you ever get through a storm

Are you always this joyful?

Always so optimistic in the gale?

Shaking like sign language clapping

Is the world so ironic?

That you need to applaud everything?

Or are you trying to say something?

Is this dance your message?

What are you saying?

Yes I like the sunshine too

Yes right on cue

You shake your leafy hands 

While I listen to music syncing in perfect rhythm

Messing with my thoughts

Something something dictionary

Lyrics so ordinary 

And the accordions play 

And all you do is dance

Right in place

Waving to whichever gods are watching

Are you trying to say 'hi'? 

Well hello then

The End

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