This is what goes on in my brain. My thoughts as I typed them...

Woke up this morning with lute music

Lutes and lyres

And other such medieval instruments

And I thought nothing of it

But I did think for a long time about how to spell the word "medieval"

Thinking it mid-evil

As if it were only halfway bad

Those were the halfway bad times

Yes, they were medium evil

As if I would like to order something cooked medium evil 

Oh, right, hmmm

Yes I would like my time period done MEDIUM EVIL

I would like my alarm clock playing MID-EVIL music

Which is ironic

Because I consider my alarm clock evil

In some ways still because it wakes me up

But not so much because it wakes me up

So then really

My alarm clock is just about a medium level of evil

Making it 


The End

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