What of Mother Theresa

a look at poetry - and emotion

What of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu?
as we build communities gated with Crucifixes
and mask ourselves with daily newscasts
mausoluems of self help jargon

her flower untouched, as her Saviour's mother
curiousities adjudged which fornication brought  malaise
were dubbed by her inane, a cobbled lane built on a rock
to help the stroll to the end seem a quieter place

Second hand shoes brought deformed feet
to blackenned limbs and bombshelled hovels
and forced starvation to meet head on distended bowels
Herein lay the beauty, not  with a bang nor a whimper

As others mused about Second Comings and Repentance
and covered their ears from those damning at God
The mother remembered Christ not for his ascension
but for thirty years of tired feet

The nobel Saint did not cloister herself
from indecencies strewn of those born denied 
did not arbitrate based on her own ideals
her, the poorest, always engulfed in mortality, endured

Those born into the best nature of God
would perhaps grumble less had they seen the tears
amidst famine, infection, poverty and death
Arisu pax capit initium

The End

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