What Now?

this poem is very roughly writen, but it's about the state of the world and nature!

Listening to the wind

In the sky kites wave  

Like they are saying goodbye

In the tunnels the wind whistles

Like a traveller on his way

From the inside we are sheltered

And it’s as if the wind doesn’t exist


Watch the sun

On a warm day it shines down on us

Radiating heat, light and happiness  

The things we live off

But on a cloudy day it hides behind clouds

As if it’s ashamed of who it is

Of it’s purpose


Look at the trees

In summer they show off their leaves and colours 

As if proud to possess such beauty

In the winter they shed their beauty

Teaching us the harsh turns of the year

In the spring they burst with new buds

Bringing us hope and new life


Smell the air

In the country it smells fresh  

Unharmed by human hands

In the city the air has been over-handled

By us the destroyers

This, the very thing that we live off

Is being harmed and broken  


Touch the people 

The busy people

Rushing with no time

The lazy people 

Moving without propose

The good people

Overlooked by society

The ones who live on the outskirts of all this 

Mocked and hated by those who are flawed


Where does the path lead?

What future does the earth have?

What now?

The End

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