What manner of God is this

what manner of God is this

who so loved the world that He

gave up His son so that He may save it

A God who doesn’t choose race,gender

or religion but loves all equal

He calls all to come to Him for

eternal rest and to receive truth

Truth which set's free


What manner of God is this

who created the heaven ,earth,

seas and the sky but loves even the

chief of sinners

A God who lets his sun to rise on the evil and the good,

and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous .

what kind of God is this ?

even nature bows down and worship Him .


What manner of God is this

who opened the red sea like a child

opening simba snacks ,

who made a donkey speak

as a man speaks to another

who fed 5000 man 5 loaves and two fishes ,

A God who walks on top of the water

like nobody's business

He wakes the dead from a grave ,

if you don't believe me ask Lazarus.

He who listens to barmy prayers

like the prayer of Joshua

"God please stop the sun from moving"

A God who defeated the devil without

any sweat , like a well trained soldier

fighting a toddler NO CONTEST

A God who was said to be dead but

after three days resurrected

with many and we were saved

What manner of people are We

The End

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